Get ten million using your sixth sense manuscript.

May your grandest dreams appear!

Chapter 15

How you can get ten million dollars

This is the first drawing of Paul’s dream.

Of Magic Doors: There is this: You do not see them even as you are passing through….

Here is one final sharing to help you understand magic a little better.  I had one young man, Paul who I met in the green room at television performance where I saved the producer’s job; he told me he had a dream and would like my help to bring it into reality.  Paul told me what his dream was and I said I would be glad to help him.

I spent a few months working with Paul each Friday for about an hour each week. We were writing and drawing many pictures of his dream using the principles in the book Think and Grow Rich.

After a few months Paul said, He needed one million dollars(in today’s money) ten million dollars by the end of the month. I told him I would have it for his dream. By the way the only Billionaire that I personally knew was my benefactor.

That month I was contracted to do a series of magic shows 500 miles away from my home town.  I knew no one in this town.

My agent booked this show about six months earlier. This means that the sixth sense had to begin six months earlier arraigning this miracle like happening.  Here is exactly how the sixth sense featured in the book think and grow rich operates.  This is magic at the highest possible level available for use to get everything you heart desires.  This is the absolute truth being told to you once, open your mind and all your grandest dreams will come true, I promise.

Well, my magic show is over and down the stage steps. That’s interesting and kind of strange I have a desire to go strolling in this Giant Regional Mall where I am performing. I never usually go strolling around in the giant malls.  Why do I have this feeling that I want stroll forward and to the left around that corner.  I performed in giant malls regularly and because the malls all have the same stores, so what’s to see?

Why this strange desire to stroll all of a sudden, I wondered.  I think I’ll follow my inclination my hunch and stroll away.

As I round the corner about 75 feet from the stage my eyes are catching a glimpse of a display of “real” one hundred thousand dollar bills on a display board behind a secure area with a security guard standing beside this cash.

This for me is a God send because in the book Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill says I have to see the money I want in my hands.  I have been racking my brains trying to figure out how I am going to be able to see Millions of dollars in my hands?

I asked the guard, would you give me permission to stay behind the security ropes but get as close as I can to the hundred thousand dollar bills. He says ok. So I am bending far over the security ropes and sticking out my head as far as I can to get as close as possible to the hundred thousand dollar bills without touching them. I am still about two feet away but I can see them very well because they are lit up with spot lights.  One bill has its face forward and the other has its back facing me.

I am spending a long time trying to memorize the images of the bill’s both sides.   I examine the bills with my eyes and then I look away and try to see the real bills in my mind’s eye and it just won’t happen.  So close but so far, from this have to have, according to the book think and grow rich.

I’ll try again and again and it just isn’t working. I just keep on trying because it “has to work”.  I have to make it work. I keep on in spite of my agonizing frustration.

Finally as I move my head even closer to the real one hundred thousand dollar bills; I notice that Woodrow Wilson the president on the hundred thousand dollar bill I am trying to visualize is wearing glasses that I have not seen.  Can you see his glasses?

 Keep looking  

The glasses are old fashion very thin metal frames with no temples. That is why I didn’t see the glasses until this moment. His glasses are held in place by nose pads to hold them on the bridge of his nose.

These glasses are totally intriguing me. I have never seen anything like them. I look away up into the air and I can visualize those glasses. As I keep on visualizing, I now can see Woodrow Wilson’s eyes.  I can see Woodrow Wilson’s whole face. Now suddenly I can see the whole face side of the one hundred thousand dollar bill floating in midair in my mind’s eye.  I am elated!  I now look at the back and I found I can visualize the entire back of the S100,000.00 dollar bill.  Wow this is fantastic! Now I go back to the hotel.

Now an interesting note, I had a habit as I traveled across the country of staying in famous name hotels only.  For some strange reason (Magick: real magic) for the first time ever I had decided to book six months earlier a room in a small private hotel.

Once again we see that the sixth sense has the power to work through time and space to make impossible dreams come into reality. I was obviously six months ago guided without my knowledge to book this particular hotel. You will see why I know this is true.

As I got out of my car in this hotel parking lot, I decide to make sure I can still see the bills. So I hold out my hands to try seeing ten of these hundred thousand dollar bills in my hands. I have to see ten because Paul needs one million dollars. You know now I can easily reproduce and see the ten hundred thousand bills, in my hands, amazing!  As I do this imagining: I begin to feel a very gentle but persistent pulling of my body to the left.

I felt the same kind of pulling at the mall that led me to the hundred thousand dollar real bills. So, I am going to follow this very gentle pull.   I find myself walking toward the back door of a building next to the hotel parking lot. I walk up to the back door of the company.  There is a sign on the door that says come on in, so I open the door.

I face a split level with two sets of steps; one up and one down.  I feel my body being pulled very gently to the left toward the down steps.  So I began descending; I have no idea why I am here or what exactly I am doing. I just follow the gentle invisible pulling E.S.P. sensation I was feeling.

When I reached the bottom of the steps a stranger walks up and asked if he can help me.  I explained I had just come from doing a magic show at a nearby giant regional mall.  All the time while I am talking I keep walking very slowly forward. I am following the very gentle pull that directed me to walk forward.

After just a few steps, I feel my head being pulled very gently to the right. I turned my head to the right and I see a room with a table with overhead spot lighting shinning on a model of something.  I asked the gentleman is that a model of a house to our right? He said yes it is the model a friend of his had built of his planned new home. I mentioned casually that I have a friend who was getting ready to build a model of a project we had been working on for the past months.

I described the project and he became very excited!  He said he had a multimillionaire friend who had built a model of land he had bought between two lakes and he is looking for the exact things you guys have planned.  He said let’s call him.

My whole body immediately began vibrating with excitement; I thought my heart is going to jump out of my chest.  I said wait just one minute. I sit down, caught my breath, got my composure and said go ahead and call him. Burton did not answer his phone, so this stranger left a message on Burton’s answering machine and told Burton he should give me a call at the hotel.

The next day Burton called me and we sat up a meeting.  We sat down at a small round table in the hotel lobby.  I had never taken the plans for this project out of my home but for “some reason” I just happened to bring them with me this time on this trip.

So I presented the written ideas and drawings we had hand drawn and hand written to Burton.  He said these are the exact ideas I have been looking for.  I said we need one million dollars (equivalent to ten million in today’s money) and he said you’ve got it and as much more as you need.  This is absolutely exactly what I must have for my land.

Burton invited me to his home and he showed me the model ad least 4 by 6 feet of the land that filled up a big table in a large room in his beautiful home and we began to talk about where each of the ideas I had presented would be on his land.

The aforementioned facts are an extremely accurate description of just one of the many times of how the sixth sense has worked in my life.  I followed the exact instructions in the book Think and Grow Rich to make this happen.  To be even more exact, I followed the exact instructions in the chapter on auto suggestion.

Everything in the book Think and Grow Rich is absolutely true and you can completely rely on it to make all your grandest dreams come true and no one can stop you from getting your heart’s desire.

By the way, I have no financial connection with any of the books I recommend.  I recommend them because they have worked for me in my life, usually over and over with completely dependable magical results.

At the beginning I told you about my wife wanting impossible dreams and how I can get them just by using E.S.P. Well, in the book Think and Grow Rich it said “anything” you can conceive and believe (hold it in your mind) you can achieve.

So since my dreams were coming true, I decided why not use the principles in think and grow rich to develop my sixth sense so I can just think alone and make my and others grandest dreams come true.

By the way, one of the final chapters in Think and Grow Rich is on the development of the sixth sense. The book says each time you read the chapter entitled the sixth sense you will find your E.S.P. powers being enhance.    I have read that chapter over and over and over again.


So I did enhance my own extra sensory power by using those principles and that is why I have the power to just think and make things happen. I used the chapter on auto suggestion and the chapter on the sixth sense together to give me this ability to use E.S.P. alone to change the world around me.


The down side is I have to be very careful what I hold in my mind because things happen very quickly around me. Also I have lost all self-pity.

The upside is I get what I want when I want it on my terms. I love life and it is time for me to make this truth told to you once available to the world.  We both know you would rather believe a lie told to you a thousand times, then the truth told to you once (From the book “Real Magic”.)

Once in your life, right now, you have been told the absolute truth. What will you do?  Will you pick up these books full of real magical power and make all your grandest dreams come true?

Well, at least, the responsibility for this knowledge is no longer on my head. It now belongs to you. May I suggest: use these books. Get your dreams. Live the “Good Life”!

Andrew Carnegie gave away 350 million dollars before he passed on.  A large portion of his money went to the building of 1,698 libraries.  Why give all this money to build libraries full of books?  Why build libraries: simply because Real Magic is “Reading” and America has taught all Americans to be real magicians who by reading can be, do and have anything our hearts desire. Be, do and have are the three corners of the Scientology triangle of Happiness.


The one message my very wise father gave me at eight years old, was go to the library. The one message from my multibillionaire benefactor was a letter he sent me. The letter ended in these words: “Get thee to the library!”

When you go into the front door of the Magic Castle you are ushered into a very small room with four walls that go nowhere.  As you look at the walls you see you have stepped into a small library.  To enter the Magic Castle world of magic where the world’s greatest magicians perform they have you say a magical incantation.

They have you walk up to lit up golden owl on the book shelf and they have you say the magic words “Open Sesame” and then a secret passage opens in the books.  You have to go through the books to get into the fantastic grand magical world of the world famous magic castle.  This is not by accident but by design to impress on your subconscious mind that opening the booksopen sesame, is the world were all the real magic power resides.

Now we can also say, Google it.

My question: Will you believe (hold in your mind) this truth told to you once?  The world is full of fantastic magic all around you waiting for you to use it.  Just rub the magic lamp of your brain with these fore mentioned books….all your grandest impossible dreams will come true….you will see….

We stage magicians are a shadow of the real power in each of you. At the end of each of the thousands of my magic performances across the nation for so many years, I always ended my show with this real magical incantation for my audiences.

From the land beyond….beyond….

From the world past hope and fear….

May your grandest dreams appear!

Your honest review of this book will help others get their grandest dreams.

Send your review to: Amazon

Warmly and magically yours

William Young

The truth once: There really is fantastic wondrous real magical power all around you waiting to serve you.  Or as Disney said over and over and over again:  You have the magic inside you: just use books to rub the real magic lampyour own brain.   All you have to do is dream your dream. Think and grow rich: read the chapter on autosuggestion each night until you believe it and I personally promise you; a whole new universe of power will unfold for you to use.  Just like it did for me!


You will see…


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