You Name It And It Is So!

Rex Sikes' Daily Inspiration and Gratitude

“It is a problem when you say it is. It is, it becomes, whatever you say it is! You define it. You declare it.  What you perceive it to be, it is. What you believe it to be, makes it so. Believing is seeing. It is your mental judgement that does this. Don’t miss this point.

In reality, it is whatever it is. It is an event or a circumstance. It is a person. From that you determine how you react to it. You determine problem or pleasure, friend or foe. It is all up to you and your habitual thinking. You react from your past conditioning. Get it?

I know you don’t believe this. You think it isn’t whatever you call it. That it’s independent of you, It is a problem or a foe. That is  because you are, you have been,  conditioned to believe there are problems outside…

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