Reading Is Magic Mandrini’s Program for Adolescents and Adults

Mandrini The Magic Castle’s Grand Master of Magic
Reading Is Magic: An Impeccable blending of mime, magic, and storytelling.
Mandrini’s Program for 6th grade and up adolescents and adults

You must go through the books to enter the magic castle
It is not by chance that when you walk into Hollywood’s Famous Magic Castle Doorway.
the first room you walk into is a library with books lining all the walls.

Also it is not by coincident that to enter the Magic Castle’s world of magic requires you to say to the golden owl on the bookcase open sesame.

Mandrini walked into this secret passage to perform
For opening and reading books brings the real magic, the secrets of the universe contained inside the books.

Mandrini performed on the stage of the Palace of Mystery

Mandrini has been blessed with the equivalent of three doctor’s degrees in magic. Three grand masters of magic chose to pass on their secrets past down from generation to generation to one person Mandrini.

Why did they choose Mandrini to pass on the secrets that have been passed down for hundreds of years from magician to magician?

Mandrini read and applied the secrets in the book: How To Win Friends and Influence People.

Mandrini’s personal copy
Or as Mandrini humbly says, “I treated them like Kings.” Mandrini never asked any of them to teach him but all three of them mentored him as a free gift because they felt he would use the secrets wisely and of course they were his friends.

Duke Labey

Duke Labey

Mandrini’s first mentor in stage magic was an apprentice of Leon Mandrake. Duke wrote Mandrini a note at Christmas:

“May you always remain the wonderful, kind and understanding young man that I knew.”

Mandrini apprenticed with his second grand master of magic for two years. Jimmy Sanders a friend of Harry Blackstone Sr. and Emma his wife became Mandrini’s close friends. They ate together every Thursday evening with Dee Dee, Mandrini’s magical muse. Mandrini walked at Jimmy’s side for two years learning the secrets of close up magic from this grand master.

Ken Sells
Mandrini’s third teacher, Ken Sells taught him for five years giving him the grandest secrets of the *highest magic*. He gave Mandrini book after book to read that helped Mandrini get all his grandest dreams when he wanted them on his terms.

Just a side note: Mandrini is a certified college professor and read hundreds of books after he got his Masters degree. A few of the other books Mandrini shares in his storytelling are:

Helped Mandrini earn a $400,000.00 education

Like real mind reading: Mandrini uses this every day

Like having a real Genii to give you unlimited wishes

Mandrini The Magic Castle’s Grand Master of Magic
call for bookings 602-507-9826

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